Drunk driving hit the old man alive sat

Drunk driving knocked down the old Queen, driver pottery in hospital way bury the old, abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene with his girlfriend after, culminating in Guizhou were caught. Yesterday, the court hearing the case in yuyao, Ningbo.

by prosecution on charges of intentional homicide trial, the Prosecutor accused on April 30 last year at about 5 o'clock in the morning, 1988 born in Shaanxi Tao and his girlfriend Chen in a KTV in Cixi after playing all night, driving a black Santana left. In a State of stupefaction, drank a lot of wine in Tao 329 State Road, Cixi city zhouxiang town knocked a cross old too, old and badly beaten on the spot. See old and moaning in pain, Tao and his girlfriend under the witness of all, carefully hold old on the back seat of the car, said to be sent to a nearby hospital.
,, a coastal city, yuyao, vehicles to the site, old buried with soil. Zhihou,, abandoned the vehicle and escaped with his girlfriend and two others fled by train, plane, Guizhou. On May 9 last year, police in Guizhou, two people arrested. Forensic identification, victims of a serious head injury, combined foreign body aspiration suffocate to death. Tao Mou deliberately unlawful deprivation of life of the defendant, having infringed the penal law, should be based on voluntary manslaughter investigation of his criminal responsibility, Chen should be held accountable on charges of harbouring criminal responsibility of the accused.
"I don't know what had in mind"
the trial, asked the judge disagrees with the pottery of the prosecution's allegations. "Precisely, no! "Tao said.
subsequently, the prosecutor asked, Tao said, more than 12 o'clock that night to the next morning, I drank a lot of wine, head spaced out. Early morning with his girlfriend drove to yuyao city Xiaocaoe Town where they lived. At that time, the faster speed, open open, suddenly emerged in front of a shadow. Only hear "bang" sound, a closer look only to find an old woman lying on the ground, a lot of blood.
after the accident, he phoned their landlord had a friend, only the landlord calls get through, told the landlord says he hit someone on the phone, and drink and not easy to drive, and want him to come here. Later, cell phone because of the lack of automatic shutdown. At that time, the scene of the accident a number of passers-by, he lay on the ground groaning old lady holding the car, going to the hospital.
away before long, moaning until the old woman all of a sudden no sound, she also did not respond. He quickly put his hand to the old lady nose tried and found not breathing.
"at the time, my head was covered, and don't know what to think, say, ' finish, the end '. "Tao said, heart trouble, he drove the car walked part of the way, you can drive straight ahead to the hospital, but in front of a fork in the road, he could not help but turn.
"do you think the old lady after not breathing, you change direction not to go to the hospital, do it across long? Why not listen to girlfriend's advise. "The prosecutor asked.
"do not know. From small to large, for the first time encountered such a situation, when the mind is a blank. "Tao said, when the girlfriend on the side persuaded him to go to the hospital, but his heart was too panicked, not know what brain thinking, girlfriend could not go in," now, I want to understand why such a treatment. "
" I was reminded him several times to go to the hospital, "
" when you bury the woman out of the car, your girlfriend doing? "The prosecutor asked.
"her in the car. "Tao said.
"stuck to the pit once abandoned the vehicle and fled, you took something on the car? "The prosecutor asked.
"I took down license plate. "Tao said, won the license plate is the fear of being caught. After returning to the room rental, clothes he replace, threw it in the bin and the river. Yuyao County, then to the train station and bought a train ticket to Guizhou.
in Guiyang before he contacted the girlfriend flew to Guiyang, and girlfriend ID shortcut hotel room, then fled to the liupanshui city, open room with girlfriend's ID.
"with girlfriend's ID, is the fear of the public security organs found themselves. "Clay admits.
Petite Chen said he reminded the boyfriend that sent several times on the way to the hospital, but he did not answer. Asked where he is going, nor ignored. Abandoned the vehicle and escaped, she only wanted to go home, will fly by plane to the Guiyang, going to sister for a few days and then go home.
"knowing my boyfriend's behavior is a crime, why later on and other places in Guiyang receive him? "" Thought he was my boyfriend, received him. "Chen said.
the trial, Tao and Chen in answer to questions almost always sob sob, in the judge's caution, has not completely stopped.
"learned her son break the law, I was angry and hate"
in the courtroom, reporter seen sitting in the back corner of the Tao Mu and Tao's sister-in-law, for participation in the trial, the two men made two days in advance from Shaanxi to yuyao.
"when I learned that my son after the break, I was angry and hate! "Tao Mu told reporters that from the case now more than six months in, she dragged the old and handicapped have been running between Shaanxi Province and Ningbo, positive compensation towards the understanding of the victim's family.
after the hearing, Chen Tao and before a bailiff to the dock. Tao also specially looked at gallery a few eyes. Reporters saw at this very moment, Tao Mu eye redness immediately, SOBs, stopped by the judicial police of one side.

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