This confused dad drinking and driving without a license also called top bag

Was called driver of son clothing clean glamorous, body no any scars, and claiming to be sat in Deputy driving of father Ye Tianming covered wine gas, and head injured
active account:
Ye Tianming admitted operation improper raised accident, worried himself drink no card driving was detention, so called son to top package, to escape punishment
recently, Meishan city Dongpo district men Ye Tianming (pseudonym) no card wine driving raised traffic accident, for escape punishment, confused father actually let son to top package, Le Yi er by high-speed traffic police in Sichuan province did not expect police to see through. Clever to be wise, both father and son suspected of perjury, will face severe punishment.
police accident site waiting for drivers
around 6:10 P.M. March 7, Le Yi brigade police on duty received the police said Highway and Yi lu trunk interchange at the junction of the highway traffic accidents occurred in the direction of Luzhou. Civilian police arrived on the scene, find number plates "ZZ36**" of Changan cars back in the freeway between passenger and freight lanes and emergency Lane, wipe left seriously hurt, car Windows and rear windshield broken, oil flow all over the floor, the car nobody. Upon enquiry, the Dongpo district of Meishan city, the vehicle owner information for Ye Tianming, phone calls went unanswered. Police were waiting for more than an hour, there's no owner appeared.
about 7:40, a middle-aged man walked along the highway to the scene of the accident. The wine all over man told police: he is the owner of dawn. The day he and his son ye Wei (pseudonym) motorists planning to travel, yongchuan district, Chongqing-do. Ye Tianming said 3 people in the car, driving son ye Wei, his colleagues Guo and his son take the passenger seat and back, respectively. Ye Wei and Guo after the incident off the freeway on foot, to Yibin trailer rescue.
Survey 3 people saying paradox
Ye Tianming appeared a few minutes later, a car number plate "ZQ00**" great wall of off-road vehicles coming from the direction of Leshan, jumped off the two young men on the bus. Ye Tianming identified is the "driver" ye Wei and Guo.
by inspection of documents, ye Wei have a C1 driving licence, driving, and alcohol testing, ye Wei zero blood-alcohol content. But police carefully observed, ye Wei and Guo clothing clean and shiny, without any injuries. And claims to be sitting in the co-pilot position Ye Tianming covered with wine, and serious head injuries, the clothes were stained with dirt. Police initially suspected the father and his son suspected top bags.
in the inquiries that followed, 3 were completely contradictory. At the scene, Ye Tianming provides type e for a motorcycle driver's license, do not have the qualification of driving of micro-motor vehicle.
the site survey has been completed, ye Wei driving sport utility vehicles followed police when crossing the highway toll station, police found an SUV toll to 86, show that the car is 18 o'clock, 50 from the pit stop in Leshan, and Ye Tianming described differs markedly. Various factors in a comprehensive judgment, the police will define the case preliminary as "pervert" cases. That night, Ye Tianming was sent to the hospital for blood alcohol content in the blood.
active account of both father and son face heavy fines
police say the top package, the seriousness of perjury and will face legal consequences, Ye Tianming admits that he is "ZZ36**" the driver of the vehicle, at noon in Leshan, wine with meals, at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon from the South Station entered the highway in Leshan, upset occurred due to improper operation. Because of concerns about his drinking and driving without a license was detained, so called son of ye Wei to come to the top. Ye Tianming admitted driving without a licence in the past two years.
Le advised Brigade captain, according to Cai Qihui introduced, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law, does not match the drive reference for driving without a license punishment, 1000 Yuan fine, and 15th to the following administrative detention. Ye Wei will face 10th following administrative detention.
at present, Ye Tianming's blood sample has been tested, if the alcohol tests showed Ye Tianming-drunk driving, faces a maximum punishment of 6 months detention, may not obtain a driver's license within 5 years. Son ye Wei also rose from administrative cases as criminal cases, arrested for perjury will face tougher legal sanctions.
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