Drivers drunk driving without a license claimed lives based on sneakers will be captured

Wedding still 8 months away, 28 years old woman and love forever departure, on March 6, during one of her ride through shuangyuan road, was hit by a motorcycle man eventually died (newspaper reports). After the accident, city traffic Police Brigade after investigation, culminating in the 13th, will hide in the factory dormitory a week out of the hit and the driver arrested. Zhang said when it happened, I drank half a catty of liquor. Now, Zhang has been detained by city police.
10:30 P.M. March 6, the city police 110 command Center received a report, at a gas station in shuangyuan road, the motorcycle collided with the bike, cycling women were injured, involved men and the wounded to the hospital, ran away from the hospital. After receiving the alarm, city traffic police quickly arrived on the scene of the traffic accident section, but this time only a black an unlicensed motorcycle and a bicycle at the West side of the road.
it is understood that the woman surnamed Zhang was hit, 28 years old, due to his injuries, 7th rescue invalid died early this morning, and she was preparing to get married in November. Because the driver appeared at the hospital, immediately astonished police division multiplexing to initiate a thorough investigation of the case, through a series of sort out clues, surveillance video near the investigation, police found, the perpetrator may be hidden in jimo, a company. Friend of the deceased, only remember the perpetrators at the hospital wearing a pair of a brand of sneakers.
police began investigating in the factory brand shoes and an unlicensed motorcycle man, finally locked the suspect is 22 years old. At noon on March 13, police hid in the hostel for a week didn't go out of the suspects were arrested and being arrested Zhang is sleeping in the bed.
Zhang a for said, March 6 6 o'clock in the evening Xu, he and three a fellow in Chengyang jingkou community of a home small hotel dinner drinking, four a people has been drink to night 9 o'clock Xu, he about drink has half pounds liquor, zhihou received friends of phone please he past play, so he alone a people riding with motorcycle to Lee home female Gu community catch, came to double Yuan road Shi, due to motorcycle big lamp is dark, visibility five or six meters far, plus wine attack not too awake, eventually hit has riding bike of Zhang ladies. When he got up from the ground after, and found a woman lying on the road, a lot of blood, another woman all right, he and the woman to send the injured to the hospital, he found three villagers for help, and when he heard the doctor say when injured badly need to pay thousands of Yuan deposit, he manages to escape from the hospital.
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