Bring drugs traffickers perished by checking for drink drivers into the army

Yesterday, 5:30 P.M., drug-related suspects, Zhu was escorted back to Hangzhou, Hangzhou City police investigation of a large cross-province drug trafficking case temporary passages.
This is the one in Shenzhen, Hangzhou transport large quantities of the drug gangs. On February 21, they carry a lot of ice to drive to Hangzhou, the results met traffic police checking for drink drivers.
Shi an, one of the gang members, instinctive reactions, picked up fake drugs and rushed out, and started running.
this point, suspicious show, led by the police, carrying 1.6 kilograms of ice, over more than 700 tablets of Ma Gu gang captured.
No drunk driving, why does he run
February 21 0 o'clock in the morning, qianjiang River Road East of a bridge set up checked posts of traffic police are checking for drink drivers.
distance, a Kia SUV in town direction.
traffic police just ready to sign, but in more than 20 meters from the card point place, cars stopped, rushed a man inside the car, hands still carrying a cardboard box.
suspicious, police officers at the scene quickly to catch up.
soon, traffic police will man stone caught on the run, when he was over the wall into an armed police force construction, hand on the cardboard box has disappeared.
traffic police at the scene to control the man sitting in the driver's seat Kwak, tested, he was not drunk, and also find other illegal record. Eventually, the police pulled out of the car, Guo left.
traffic police initially speculated that stone was seen checking for drink drivers will have to run, maybe he is the real driver and had a drink. But after testing, stone has not been drinking. Is this how it goes?
after an investigation, police confirmed that stone had several convictions for theft, this escape, probably because the case is in the body.
armed police sentry reflecting
throw in things like "rock candy"
traffic police suspect may be stolen goods he thrown away, she returned to the scene examined.
who knows, armed police sentry on duty reflecting, a thrown stone is a case of things like candy, has been found and temporary pipe up.
"rock candy? Is the ice? "Traffic Police Department was in serious cases, will soon report to the command center, and told soldiers, the Group may sneak back to pick up ice.
sure enough, less than an hour, there are three sneaky appears in the compound on the edge of, has turned into the wall.
these men must have never thought, not familiar with this area of the stone will put ice directly into the armed police force.
and a fluke before leaving Kwak, this time not so lucky, he and two accomplices were captured.
along the line in Hangzhou, Shenzhen police fished out the article crime of transporting drugs between lines, has the other two were arrested, and seized large quantities of drugs.
, was found that evening, Zhu took a horse drive from Shenzhen, with 1 kg of methamphetamine in the car, hidden in a box of Red Bull in a cardboard box.
unexpectedly, Zhu's car broke in the Middle, then transferred to ice supporting staff Guo, the stone on a car.
when Kwak drove halfway up when checking for drink drivers, he hasn't figured out a way, sit in the back of the stone has a direct door and ran away.
at present, the case is still under further investigation.
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