Migrant workers drinking and driving through a red light without a license he got all three

Driving, drunken driving and running red lights without a license is a serious traffic violation, however, one migrant worker Chen got all three at once.
March 12 17:10, ganjingzi district traffic police Jin Ben was the second Squadron Southwest road and Haikou road demonstration on the gang show found a grade for the Liao dynasty black Buick B5MXXX do not follow traffic signals traffic, forced through a red light, affects other vehicle traffic. Gold Rush immediately signaled the driver to stop for inspection, but instead of stopping drivers speeding past. Because of the slow ahead by scrapping vehicles ran 100 meters in a hot pot restaurant nearby by police after running to catch up with, reeking of results during an inspection revealed that the drivers also refused to show a driver's license, also refused to hand over the car keys. Jin Ben holding the pilot squadron leader with hands requests support.
in a moment, squadron leader Mao Huilin arrived, controlled by the driver, after the alcohol tests, appears as a 72.8 mg alcohol per hundred milliliters of blood, is drunk driving. Upon request and online identity verification and learned that this driver surnamed Chen, Heilongjiang to even the working staff, did not obtain a driver's qualifications. Drinking with friends at a lamb Soup for lunch, drink, his friends are afraid to drive, only he, daring, take a chance and finally in custody for 15 days and fined 3500 Yuan penalty.
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