One is drunk driving a red light

Recently, Zhongtang town, a traffic accident, a normal straight car collided with a red motorcycle, motorcycle driver died on the spot, the car fled the scene. The traffic Police Department, while driving people to drink wine, but if motorists do not escape, he has to bear the responsibility for the accident is at most equal responsibility, will not face criminal penalties. Motorists have now been detained, wait until he is severely punished by law.
1:38 A.M. February 5, 107 State Road, Zhongtang town, South of the traffic light junction, a Yue a number plate of the car in the Green normal straight and suddenly a motorcycle red light crossing, "pop" sound, motorcycle crash, motorcycle driver Guo died on the spot. After the accident, a car without stopping, but move on, fled the scene. Chudo Police Brigade in response to the report, the immediate deployment of nuts, about 11 hours later, Huang a, the driver of the car were arrested. According to an account of Wong, the night before he drinks with more than 10 friends in Guangzhou zengcheng, drank two bottles of beer, followed by driving a car carrying two women and a man heading for Dongguan Zhongtang town, eat snacks. Unexpectedly, the way his car collided with a red motorcycle. Drinking wine, for fear of being punished, Huang fled the scene. In Zhongtang town fled to Jiangnan bridge, he also threw off bumper under the bridge and cover the rear license plate. Zengcheng fled to a village because cars can't drive, Hwang will hide the vehicle in a deserted area.
February 5, Hwang was detained according to law, and now the case is under further investigation.
police ran, alters the nature of
chudo traffic-related charge, in this case, if Hwang is not escaping, they might only take equal responsibility for the accident, will not be held criminally responsible. When a normal straight driving cars in yellow, while the motorcycle is red light, although Huang, drank wine, will add responsibility for accident responsibility determination, but motorcycle drivers belonging to driving a motorcycle without a license, will also increase the responsibility, so Huang might only have been identified as bear equal responsibility for the accident.
but because a traffic accident escape WONG, will assume primary responsibility for the accident, he will also face criminal penalties. At present, Huang had been detained, wait until he is severely punished by law.
the head of Agency, Hwang's case is not the case, and nave have recently witnessed two such traffic accident escape cases, the driver escaped, changed the nature of traffic accidents, and ultimately face criminal penalties.
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